Mayronnes Hike Panoramic Sculpture Trail

Today, I'm going to talk about the Mayronnes sculpture trail that I did today. More precisely the panoramic path. It takes 35 minutes by car from La Cour Carrée in Carcassonne to get to Mayronnes. The sculptural trail is 5kms long and has a 150m elevation gain. The panoramic path is 14kms long and has a positive difference in altitude of 670m. Mayronnes is a commune of the Aude located in the Corbières. There are less than 50 inhabitants. Several rivers run through or around it, the most famous being the Orbieu.

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers, lots of sunshine and frequent strong winds.This area is a habitat for the Southern Barbel and the Pyrenean Desman in the northern limit, for pairs of Golden Eagles, the Peregrine Falcon, the Great Horned Owl or the Short-toed Eagle. The name Mayronnes probably comes from the Gallic divinity Matrona, "the great Mother". These toponyms with a May- root are often linked to pastoralism and transhumance. Like the cultivation of the olive tree, pastoralism disappeared in the 19th century for a monoculture of wine. The vine has made the sheep flee, whereas this animal had been a great source of profit for the region. The hike I did was the modified panoramic trail because I prefer to finish with the sculpture trail.The departure is from the parking lot at the entrance of the village. You have to take the path at the bottom of the parking, cross the ford and follow the sculpture path on the right.

We meet ruins of old shepherds' houses.Birds are often heard.
At km 6, instead of continuing towards Carrus, I turn left on the GR36, towards the chapel St Clément.3 kms later, while arriving on the Sculpturel path, I take it on the right to see a maximum of sculptures: mosquito, birds' nests, walker, ox, ...

The route is made of rolling stones, grassy paths, earth.It goes up a lot on the first 3 kilometers then it goes down before being quite constant.You have to think of taking water, sun protection in summer and rain clothes in winter.Take good shoes because we borrow a lot of stony passages even slippery in case of rain.In the surroundings, village and abbey of Lagrasse, the wine of Corbières, the honey factory of Montseret.In the pleasure of seeing you on these paths or of sharing them with you.