An immersion in the daily life of a guest house owner :

First of all, Régis the owner gets up early, he goes to collect the bread and pastries from a local bakery, then prepares breakfast for the guests of the guest house.

It lays out on the table a variety of fresh dishes such as homemade cakes, fresh fruit salads, homemade yogurts and jams as well as fresh squeezed juices… He takes care of every detail to ensure his guests start their day on the right foot.

After breakfast, he spends some time chatting with guests, giving them tips on the best activities and attractions in town and the region, as well as recommendations for the best local restaurants and coffees.

After the guests have left the guesthouse for the day, our owner turns on the music and concentrates on those daily tasks. Such as cleaning the rooms, washing the laundry and preparing new rooms for the guests to come, all in a dancing and singing atmosphere !

In the afternoon he finishes cleaning everything, goes shopping and spends time working on the management of the property answering emails and planning future reservations. At the end of the afternoon, he welcomes new guests and helps them settle into their rooms. He can also organize special activities for the guests, such as wine tastings, guided tours of the city and excursions in the surrounding area…
Finally, in the evening, he devotes himself to preparing dinner for the guests of the guest house. He uses local and seasonal ingredients to create delicious and authentic dishes, making sure his guests feel right at home !

This is a typical day as a passionate owner ! Book your stay at LA COUR CARRÉE to live an authentic and unique experience in Carcassonne accompanied by our dear Régis.