Discover the art of living in the Aude department through its exceptional wines !

Wine culture in the department dates back to Roman times, and is now becoming one of the largest wine producers in France. The region's vineyards produce a wide variety of wines, ranging from rich, full-bodied reds to light, fruity whites.

The most used red grape varieties in the region are Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Mourvèdre, which bring fruity and spicy notes to red wines. White grape varieties meanwhile include Chardonnay, Viognier, Muscat and Grenache Blanc, which bring floral and fruity aromas to white wines.
The Aude department has several renowned wine appellations, Corbières, Minervois, Fitou, Limoux, Cabardès and Malepère, each with its own character and unique terroir.

The Corbières appellation is renowned for its wines that are rich on the palate, often made from a blend of red grape varieties. There is also the Minervois, producing full-bodied red wines and light white wines. The Fitou appellation, for its full-bodied red wines and the Limoux appellation, known for its sparkling wines offering fine bubbles and a delicate taste, similar to champagne. The Cabardès is a recent appellation producing red wines that combine two different types of terroir and the Malepère is an appellation producing red, white and rosé wines, from traditional and local grape varieties.

La Cour Carrée guest house, located in the historic city center of Carcassonne, is an ideal starting point for discovering the wines of the Aude department. During your stay in our guest house, we will introduce you to the wine culture of our beautiful region through numerous vineyard visits, tastings, but also during a good homemade meal, in the evening at the guest tables. Your stay will allow you to learn more about the different appellations of the department, the grape varieties and the techniques used.
Régis, the welcoming owner of the Cour Carrée, shares his wine preferences, which include the Arthur et Adrien, Py, Prat-Majou and Matibat estates, as well as the Clos de Vènes and Calmel&Joseph wines.

Whether you are an informed wine lover or simply curious to discover the wine-growing treasures of the region, La Cour Carrée will meet your expectations.

Wine is often associated with relaxation and pleasure, but did you know it's also good for your health ? Studies show that moderate consumption of red wine can reduce the risk of heart disease, increase longevity and even improve memory ! While white wine can be an ally to take care of your skin. Indeed, the polyphenols contained in white wine can help prevent the signs of skin aging. So the next time you pour yourself a glass of white wine, you might think you're drinking an elixir of youth. So, cheers ! (but not too much anyway).