5 reasons why guest rooms are the best option for eco-friendly travelers :

By being an eco-responsible traveler, you are always looking to minimize your carbon footprint while enjoying your trip. When it comes to choosing accommodation, guest rooms are the ideal option for eco-conscious travelers and we explain why !

1. Guest houses are often located in historic neighborhoods or rural areas which means you can walk or bike to explore the area. This reduces your carbon footprint and promotes a more active lifestyle !

2. Guest rooms are usually run by local owners, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to support the local economy. This will also allow you to live a more authentic experience and to obtain the best advice on tourism, restaurants… thanks to your hosts.

3. Guest tables services are often sourced from fresh, local foods, plus the owners can offer vegetarian and vegan options to meet your dietary needs.

4. Guest houses are usually smaller than traditional hotels, so they have a lower carbon footprint because they use less energy and produce less waste !

5. Guest houses are often restored historic buildings, by opting for this type of accommodation travelers can contribute to the preservation of built heritage. This makes it possible to give a second life to already existing structures and to opt for more durable materials.